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Fit or worthy to be chosen.
a) eligible b) picked c) won d)
To work together on a project.
a) possess b) collaborate c) linger d)
Something that is carried.
a) burden b) weight c) bookbag d)
To have a property.
a) have b) own c) Possess d)
To be slow in leaving.
a) hurry b) linger c) burden d)
Power to sway.
a) influence b) change c) vote d)
Not harmed or injured.
a) safe b) unscathed c) healthy d)
to calm or quiet
a) soothe b) calm c) shhhh d)
To carry.
a) transport b) pull c) drive d)
The wreck was terrible. Luckily she escaped healthy and
a) unscathed b) hurt c) injured d)
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