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Bury the ______.
a) bone b) hatchet c) dead dog d) body
Run-of-the ______
a) mill b) road c) roost d) bulls
Two wrongs don't _____.
a) hurt b) sound too badly c) win a popularity contest d) make a right
Timbuktu is a place ________.
a) everyone wants to visit b) close to our school c) far away and remote d) where the president lives
Money is burning a hole in your _______.
a) shirt b) pocket c) shoe d) pan
Make hay while the ________.
a) rain pours b) farmer eats c) moon shines d) sun shines
RSVP means to _________.
a) respond to nothing b) respond to an invitation c) rest, sit, visit, play d) remain seated very professionally
Laugh and the world _______.
a) laughs with you b) laughs at you c) cries with you d) makes fun of you
Break the _____.
a) vase b) bank c) ice d) record
Our librarian's name is _______
a) Mrs. Scott b) Mrs. Fantastic c) Mrs. WWA d) Mrs. Bartusiak
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