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The Gulf Coastal Plains became a center for economic activity with other countries because of:
a) farmland b) lumber industry c) a port for shipping d) fishing
This landform is common in Texas
a) plains b) San Jacinto Monument c) Alamo d) mountains
What is a common economic activity in the Mountains and Regions Basin.
a) farming b) lumber/timber c) tourism d) mining
What is the definition of climate?
a) the condition of the air at one time and place b) a period of time with little rain c) the patterns of weather in a place over a long period of time d) drought
What is the highest point in Texas?
a) Balcones Escarpment b) Edwards Plateau c) Davis Mountain d) Guadalupe Peak
Which region gets the smallest amount of rain?
a) Gulf Coastal Plains b) Central Plains c) High Plains d) Mountains and Basins
The Gulf Coastal Plains has the following body of water:
a) Gulf of Mexico b) Rio Grande River c) Brazos River d) All of the above
Ranching and Farming is common in which regions?
a) Gulf Coastal Plains b) Central Plains c) High/Great Plains d) Central and Great Plains
A top crop in Texas is:
a) oil b) cotton c) coal d) corn
Plateaus are common in these regions:
a) Coastal Plains Region and Central Plains Region b) High Plains Region and Mountains and Basins Region c) d)
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