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What do the projections on a virus do?
a) Help attach to the host cell b) help control a cell's DNA c) signal other viruses to infect a host cell d) move inside a host cell
Mitosis takes one cell and makes two. How is the new cell's DNA related to the old cell's DNA?
a) It is completely different. b) It is exactly the same c) It has a few things different d) One base pair is different.
What connects the nitrogen bases of DNA?
a) Covalent bonds b) Hydrogen bonds c) Nuclear bonds d) Toothpicks
In viruses, the lytic cycle is
a) quick, meaning symptoms show in a few days b) slow, meaning symptoms show in a few months c) when the virus leaves the cell d) very slow, when the symptoms don't show
What is involved in translation?
a) DNA b) mRNA c) ribosomes d) both mRNA and ribosomes
What happens during the S phase of the cell cycle?
a) protein synthesis b) Lipid c) DNA synthesis d) Translation
What part of a nucleotide is a carbohydrate?
a) Phosphate group b) Nitrogen Base c) Protein d) Deoxyribose
DNA is a
a) Nucleic Acid b) protein c) Lipid d) All of the above
If the template strand of DNA is ACTGATC, the complementary strand would be_____
In which phase are chromosomes pulled apart in mitosis?
a) Prophase b) metaphase c) anaphase d) telophase
Here is a RNA strand: ACUAUA. What is the corresponding DNA strand?
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