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The offspring produced from the DNA of just one parent cell (a copy)
a) clone b) egg cell c) sperm cell d) zygote
The sex cell from the female organism
a) egg cell b) sperm cell c) clone d) fertilization
A new organism is produced from the DNA of two cells (two parents)
a) sexual reproduction b) asexual reproduction c) egg cell d) sperm cell
Reproduction in which a new organisms is formed by cell division (one parent)
a) asexual reproduction b) sexual reproduction c) egg cell d) fertilization
A physical characteristic of an organism
a) trait b) characteristic c) heredity d) inherited
Derived genetically from one's parents or ancestors
a) inherited b) heredity c) trait d) characteristics
The passing of traits from parents to offspring
a) heredity b) characteristics c) trait d) gene
A small section of DNA on a chromosome that has information about a trait (the study of)
a) gene, genetics b) traits c) heredity d) characteristics
The inherited genes from his or her parents determine haircolor, skin color, eye color and other traits
a) characteristics b) heredity c) trait d) gene, genetics
The process in which sperm and egg join, resulting in a new organism
a) fertilization b) clone c) asexual reproduction d) heredity
The sex cell from the male organism
a) sperm cell b) egg cell c) clone d) zygote
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