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a repeating series of events or actions
a) cycle b) concentric c) central d) circumference
happening again and again in the same order
a) cyclical b) concentric c) circumstance d) cyclone
an extremely large, powerful, and destructive storm with very high wind that turn around in an area of low pressure
a) concentric b) cyclone c) cycle d) circumference
the length of line that goes around a circle or other round shape
a) cycle b) circumstance c) circumference d) circumvent
the complete path in an electric current travels
a) eccentric b) circuit c) circumference d) central
a condition that surrounds or causes an event to happen
a) concentric b) circumstance c) eccentric d) central
to get around something in a clever and often dishonest way
a) circumference b) cyclical c) cycle d) circumvent
located in the center or middle of something
a) central b) concentric c) cyclical d) cycle
when two or more circles have the same center point
a) cyclone b) concentric c) circumference d) circuit
tending to act in a strange or unusual way
a) concentric b) circumvent c) eccentric d) circumstance
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