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Place of Worship Christians
a) Synagogue b) Church c) Temple d) Mosque
Fact about Judaism
a) number one religion in the world b) oldest monotheistic religion c) fastest growing religion in the world d) number two religion in the world
Fact about Christianity
a) number one religion in the world b) Oldest monotheistic religion c) fastest growing religion d) Holy place is in Mecca
Fact about Islam
a) Oldest monotheistic religion b) Number one religion in the world c) Fastest growing religion d) polytheistic religion
Germany acid rain effected
a) 1/2 of the Black forest died b) no one c) United Kingdom d) Tigers in Africa
United Kingdom smog affected
a) people and animals ( breathing problem, cancer, death) b) only the elderly c) only the animals d) no one
Ukraine nuclear reactor explosion effected
a) other countries such as Sweden because of the air current blowing radiation), caused cancer, death b) no one c) only Ukraine d) only the animals
The climate of Russia is
a) hot b) arid (dry) c) cold d) mild
United Kingdom's climate is
a) Mild b) hot c) cold d) very dry
If you were traveling from Africa to Europe what body of water would you cross.
a) Mediterranean Sea b) Arctic Ocean c) English Channel d) Black Sea
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