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The _______________ played beautiful music at the concert.
a) orchestra b) hesitate c) radio d) scorned
When my mom __________ me with a disappointing look, I knew I was in trouble.
a) hesitated b) beckoned c) whipped d) ambled
I was so sleepy this morning, I __________ into class and sat down.
a) skipped b) hesitated c) ambled d) sensible
My brother must be starving, he is ____________ his hamburger.
a) devouring b) ambled c) hesitating d) munching
I raised my hand to let my teacher know I was having ________ with my headphones.
a) complications b) gulped c) scorned d) failures
My sister and I are always getting in trouble for ____________ over the front seat.
a) devouring b) hesitating c) scuffling d) beckoning
When I got my packet I ___________ my grades to see how I did.
a) orchestra b) surveyed c) devoured d) ambled
When my brother and I don't share our toys, we get _________ by my father.
a) scorned b) hesitate c) failures d) sensible
When you are playing sports you have to make ________ decisions about what to do with the ball.
a) hesitate b) scorned c) sensible d) orchestra
I think it is important to learn from your ___________, so you can do better next time.
a) beckon b) scorned c) orchestra d) failures
I was so thirsty I ________ down a whole glass of water then filled my cup again.
a) surveyed b) tasted c) scorned d) gulped
I had to ________ before answering the question to make sure I had the right answer.
a) hesitate b) ambled c) beckon d) scorned
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