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Settling a group of people into a new place is called __________________.
a) Colonization b) Specialization c) Industrialization d) Imperialism
Gaining territories through military force to extend a country is called _______.
a) Colonization b) Imperialism c) Direct Rule d) Indirect Rule
What is it when a colony is ruled by soldiers and by force through submission?
a) Colonization b) Direct Rule c) Indirect Rule d) Partition
What is it called when the colony is ruled by local government but the local governments are controlled by another country?
a) Partition b) Assimulation c) Direct Rule d) Indirect Rule
What is to divide an area in smaller segments?
a) Aquire b) Assimulation c) Imperialism d) Partition
What are boundaries made on a map without the consideration of ethnic groups?
a) Artificial Political Boundaries b) Assimulation c) Administer d) Aquire
What is it called when one cultural group is absorbed into another?
a) Assimulation b) Aquire c) Administer d) Colonization
What was the meeting where several countries divided Africa into colonies?
a) Bagdad Conference b) British Conference c) Berlin Conference d) Africian Conference
What is to gain or accomplish?
a) Aquire b) Administer c) Advise d) Addition
What is to manage or direct something?
a) Advise b) Aquire c) Administer d) Accept
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