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What is it called when matter changes from one state to another
a) water cycle b) heat energy c) physical change d) matter
You can hold on to me, I keep my shape, my particles are packed tight
a) solid b) liquid c) gas d) plasma
Solid, liquid, gas, and plasma are all
a) plasmas b) states of matter c) atoms d) molecules
Amount of space something occupies or contains is
a) matter b) density c) volume d) state
Mass, volume, texture, color, and more are all this
a) properties of matter b) states of matter c) solids d) liquids
what is matter?
a) anything that has momentum b) anything that has mass and takes up space c) the study of properties d) something that cannot be broken down
When sandpaper smooths wood what kind of change is it?
a) change of matter b) physical change c) chemical change d) change of state
What is a chemical proper of matter?
a) size b) weight c) state d) How it reacts with other elements
Why is air matter?
a) It only takes up space b) it only has a mass c) it has mass and takes up space d) it is not matter
If we need to find the volume of an odd shaped object we....
a) measure it with a ruler and multiply b) use a balance c) use a graduated cylinder and measure the change of the water level d) use a scale
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