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Scientists use _____________________ to analyze the data they gather from their studies.
a) placebos b) ethics c) correlation d) volunteer bias
In the _________________ method of research, researchers select a group of participants and then observe them over a period of time.
a) longitudinal b) cross-sectional c) naturalistic-observation d) laboratory-observation
The ______________________ method of research involves observing a sample of individuals of different ages.
a) testing b) cross-sectional c) longitudinal d) laboratory observation
____________________ observation involves observing people in their normal lives, such as at home or at school.
a) case-study b) cross-sectional c) laboratory-observation d) naturalistic
______________________ observation takes place in a specific area set aside for observation and research.
a) laboratory b) naturalistic c) longitudinal d) testing
What is a factor in an experiment that researchers manipulate?
a) independent variable b) control group c) dependent variable d) central tendency
What is a factor in an experiment that depends on the independent variable?
a) dependent variable b) placebo c) standard deviation d) experimental group
Who are the people who receive the treatment in an experiment?
a) standard deviation b) experimental group c) control group d) central tendency
Who are the people in an experiment who do not receive treatment?
a) independent variable b) experimental group c) central tendency d) control group
What is the substance or treatment that has no effect apart from a person's belief in it researchers manipulate?
a) placebo b) control group c) independent variable d) standard deviation
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