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What document is a list of items to be discussed or acted upon, prepared before meetings, events, and conferences.
a) Agenda b) Minutes c) Research Report d) Table of Contents
What document is used to describe the discussion, decisions, an actions that occurred during a business meeting?
a) Agenda b) Minutes c) Report d) Table of Contents
What type of document is a multi-page document that usually contains several subtopics of information related to one main topic?
a) Report b) Agenda c) Table of Contents d) Minutes
What document is used to accompany a report, document, or manuscript to list the topics and subtopics in the order in which they occur?
a) Table of Contents b) Report c) Agenda d) Minutes
A marketing research report that summarizes the supply and demand statistics of a new product is a:
a) Minutes b) Agenda c) Table of Contents d) Report
What type of document should Sylvia use to list the major sections of the technical manual in the order of their occurrence?
a) Agenda b) Table of Contents c) Minutes d) Report
Which document is prepared to summarize the items discussed at a meeting of the Kraft Foods Board of Directors?
a) Minutes b) Agenda c) Table of Contents d) Research Report
Which document is used by a scientist to present findings to a medical board?
a) Business Letter b) Memo c) Minutes d) Research Report
Sharon is preparing a list of topics that will be discussed at the upcoming meeting of all service technicians. What document format will she use?
a) Agenda b) Memo c) Minutes d) Table of Contents
As Spence plans a document about formatting procedures for the office staff, he decides that it will be a rather lengthy document with a separate section for each topic. What document format will he use?
a) Business Letter b) Memo c) Outline d) Report
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