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_________ Transport requires energy.
a) Active b) Passive c) Diffusion d) Osmosis
__________ Transport does not require energy
a) Endocytosis b) Exocytosis c) Passive d) Active
Osmosis is the diffusion of __________through a membrane.
a) blood b) sugar c) water d) oxygen
Molecules move from low concentration to high concentration during __________ Transport
a) Diffusion b) Osmosis c) Passive d) Active
During _____________ molecules requiring energy move into the cell.
a) diffusion b) osmosis c) exocytosis d) endocytois
During ____________ large molecules requiring energy move out of the cell.
a) diffusion b) exocytosis c) osmosis d) endocytosis
Molecules move into or outside of the cell until the concentration on both sides reaches ______________.
a) solubility b) equilibrium c) element status d) concentration
Diffuion and osmosis are two types of ____________ Transport
a) hypo-osmosis b) hyper-osmosis c) Active d) Passive
_____________ is the molecule that stores energy.
a) CSI b) ELT c) FBI d) ATP
If 20 molecules of water are inside of the cell and five molecules of water are inside of the cell, particles will want to move __________________ the cell.
a) parallel b) inside c) outside d) perpendicular
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