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a rounded looking swelling
a) smudge b) manure c) knobby d) orchard
bitten repeatedly so as to wear away little by little
a) devious b) mussed c) witnesses d) gnawing
a place where fruit trees grow
a) knobby b) shrug c) orchard d) mussed
rumpled as in hair
a) smudge b) manure c) snub d) mussed
the excrement of farm animals
a) manure b) smudge c) nagging d) gnawing
going astray, sneaky
a) shrug b) knobby c) witnesses d) devious
a dirty mark made by rubbing or smearing
a) snub b) orchard c) devious d) smudge
to draw or hunch up the shoulders as with dislike
a) snub b) knobby c) shrug d) smudge
slightly turned up and flattened at the end, as the nose
a) smudge b) snub c) shrug d) mussed
people who are present at an action
a) nagging b) orchard c) witnesses d) devious
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