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Which answer helps build goodwill between the patient and physician?
a) lifting patients spirits b) paying the bill on time c) compliance with treatment plan d)
Choose the most common place of employment for the admin med asst.
a) Hospital b) ER Dept c) Schools d) Physician's Practice
A(n) _______ provides care during pregnancy and childbirth.
a) neurologist b) nephrologist c) obstetrician d) gerontologist
A(n) ___________ investigates the causes of disease.
a) pathologist b) dermatologist c) gerontologist d) pulmonologist
A(n) ___________ maintains pain relief and bodily function stability.
a) pathologist b) dermatologist c) gerontologist d) anesthesiologist
The outward display of an employees values and standards is defined as:
a) Personality b) Beliefs c) Work Ethics d) Morals
Physicians rank _________ as the most important employee trait.
a) Accuracy b) Kindess c) Promptness d) Friendliness
A thorough admin med asst produces work that is ____________.
a) Accurate b) Neat, prompt, and complete c) Neat, accurate, and complete d) Detailed and prompt
___________ is a key component when working within the medical office environment.
a) Flexibility b) Dependability c) Friendliness d) Punctuality
To take action independently is to show ______________.
a) Managerial Skills b) Initiative c) Commitment d) Strength
This is considered an aspect of self-motivation.
a) Awareness b) Promptness c) Punctuality d) Alertness
A mix of self-motivation and _________ should be used when seeking areas to assist fellow team members.
a) Confidence b) Tact c) Pride d) Remembering
The AAMA requires CMA's to be recertified how often?
a) 3 yrs b) 7 yrs c) 5 yrs d) 10 yrs
AHIMA offers ______________ certification exams in coding.
a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4
A certification exam to become certified medical admin asst specialist is offered only through the:
The core values of the IAAP include integrity, respect, adaptability, communication and ____________.
a) Courage b) Dependability c) Commitment d) Cooperation
When speaking to terminally ill patients, what types of topics should you discuss?
a) Past History b) Future Plans c) Long-term topics d) Short-term topics
Which of the following is the current preferred sign-in method?
a) First name only method b) Label method c) Marker method d) Last name only method
Identify the sole judge of what information is to be given to or withheld from, the patient.
a) The office manager b) The medical assistant c) The admin medical assistant d) The physician
___________ is the tendency to believe that one's own race or ethnic is the most important and that some or all aspects of its culture are superior to those of other groups.
a) Prejudice b) Bias c) Ego d) Ethnocentrism
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