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to place a table in your document, use the ___________ tab
a) insert b) table tools c) home d) page layout
information that is copied is placed on the
a) clipboard b) ribbon tab c) task bar d) dictionary list
the ______________ gives synonyms for a selected word
a) thesaurus b) spelling and grammar dialog box c) dictionary d) task pane
to open the spelling and grammar check, use the ....
a) review tab b) Button on the status bar c) all of the above d) Mouse
where can autocorrect settings be changed?
a) file b) home c) view d) review
Autocorrect settings can be found under file, options,_____________
a) proofing b) documentation c) Customize d) advanced
to change the name BUSINESS to ENTREPRENEURSHIP in a document where it is used multiple times, use this option...
a) find and replace b) go to c) autocorrect d) find
when you choose the draw table option, your cursor turns into a ____________
a) pencil b) eraser c) paintbrush d) sword
to combine multiple cells into one is to _______________ cells
a) merge b) combine c) split d) link
Items that have been copied from the Internet can be pasted into a word document in more than one way
a) true b) false c) maybe d) dunno
in a Word table, columns are _____________ and rows are ______________
a) vertical, horizontal b) horizontal, vertical c) neat, nice d) hot, cold
to add a row to your table you would need to use the ___________ tab
a) layout b) design c) alignment d) resource
to change the border on your table you would need to use the ___________ tab
a) design b) layout c) format d) insert
To move one cell to the right in a table, which keyboard button would you press?
a) tab b) shift c) control d) return
which of the following is a contextual tab that shows up when you click on a table?
a) Design b) Format c) Review d) Table
if you want to keep source formatting when copying and pasting, you would use
a) paste options b) the formatting tab c) control v d) review tab
to select the entire table, use the button located where?
a) top left b) top right c) bottom right d) bottom left
how many table alignment options are there listed in the alignment group?
a) 9 b) 3 c) 12 d) 6
to apply unique shading, alignment, text color, etc... to a table with the click of a button, use this option.
a) table styles b) format tab c) design tab d) table options
selecting IGNORE ALL in the spelling and grammar check will ignore all misspelled words
a) false b) true c) romeo and juliet d) king lear
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