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Can you feel sound waves
a) yes b) no c) d)
Sound can travel through
a) solids and liquids only b) liquids and gases only c) solids, liquids, and gases d) solid and gases only
Sound waves travel
a) only upward b) only downward c) all directions d) sideways
Which below has low pitch but high amplitude?
a) dog whistle b) a baby screaming c) a bell d) thunder
An tornado siren would have?
a) high pitch and high amplitude b) high pitch low amplitude c) low pitch low amplitude d) low pitch and high amplitude
A rubber band will make sound when it is?
a) stretched b) shot across the room c) vibrated d) cut into pieces
A high pitch has
a) short waves far apart b) tall waves far apart c) tall waves close together d) tall waves far apart
The school bell rings when it?
a) rotates b) vibrates c) releases heat d) stores energy
Which best describes frequency?
a) the loudness of sound b) the energy that bounces off an object c) the bending of light d) number of vibrations in a second
When the guitar string is plucked, sound is produced by?
a) the size of the guitar b) the metal on the guitar c) the wood on the guitar d) the vibrations of the string
What allows two students standing ten feet apart hear each other talk?
a) air vibrations b) electric current c) solar radiation d) subatomic particles
Sound travels the fastest through
a) a solid b) a gas c) a liquid d)
The number of times a sound repeats in a second is called?
a) frequency b) vibrations c) pitch d) echo
The back and forth motions that cause sound are called?
a) amplitude b) frequency c) vibrations d) pitch
Sound travels slowest through?
a) A solid b) A gas c) A liquid d)
The highness and lowness of sound is called?
a) pitch b) frequency c) sound waves d) echo
An example of high pitch would be?
a) frog's croaking b) bird's chirping c) lion's roaring d) a drum
The loudness and softness of sound is called?
a) frequency b) echo c) amplitude d) vibrations
A drum would be an example of?
a) low pitch b) high pitch c) vocal cords d) magnetism
Sound that bounces off something and goes back where it comes from is called
a) pitch b) volume c) frequency d) echo
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