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Most of Earth's incoming UV rays are absorved by
a) dust b) ozone c) clouds d) sky
flow of air from water to land
a) sea breeze b) land breeze c) global wind d) polar easterlies
instrument used to measure relative humidity
a) thermometer b) barometer c) psychrometer d) wind vane
flow of air from land to a body of water
a) sea breeze b) land breeze c) global winds d) wind-chill factor
the way the Earth's rotation makes winds curve
a) Coriolis Effect b) westerlies c) polar easterlies d) jet stream
transfer of heat by the movement of a fluid
a) thermal energy b) convection c) conduction d) radiation
Weather associated with an anticyclone is
a) cloudy b) clear and dry c) rainy d) foggy
direct transfer of heat by electromagnetic waves
a) convection b) conduction c) radiation d) thermal energy
form of energy that can travel through space
a) electromagnetic waves b) thermal energy c) convection d) sea breeze
cold winds near the poles that blow toward the west
a) trade winds b) westerlies c) polar easterlies d) doldrums
Phenomenon that causes air masses to apparently turn left or right
a) prevailing winds b) Coriolis effect c) greenhouse effect d) doldrums
steady winds that flow toward the equator
a) prevailing winds b) westerlies c) polar easterlies d) trade winds
transfer of heat when two substances touch
a) radiation b) convection c) conduction d) thermal energy
increased cooling by wind from removing body heat
a) wind-chill factor b) wind c) sea breeze d) Coriolis Effect
air movement caused by differences in air pressure
a) temperature b) wind c) convection d) radiation
winds that blow over long distances
a) global winds b) local winds c) horse latitudes d) doldrums
high speed winds 10 km above Earth
a) local wind b) global wind c) jet stream d) westerlies
winds that blow over short distances
a) local winds b) global winds c) westerlies d) jet streams
most of the heating of the troposphere comes from
a) radiation b) convection c) condensation d) conduction
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