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A rock that has gas pockets is called a _____________ texture.
a) Vesicular b) Glassy c) Coarse d) Fine
An Igneous rock that can be both fine and coarse is called _________
a) Andesite b) Gabbro c) Diabase d) Dunite
Which rock composition tends to be higher in density?
a) Felsic b) Fine c) Coarse d) Mafic
Which Igneous rock is composed primarily of Olivine?
a) Granite b) Dunite c) Periodotite d) Gabbro
Which Igneous rock texture has no crystals present?
a) fine b) very coarse c) coarse d) glassy
Which rock composition tends to be ligher in color?
a) Felsic b) Fine c) Coarse d) Mafic
Which rock type forms from magma?
a) Igneous b) Pretty c) Metamorphic d) Sedimentary
An Igneous rock that cools outside of the Earth\'s crust is called a ________________ rock.
a) Intrusive b) Coarse c) Fine d) Extrusive
Which of the following is an Igneous rock?
a) Marble b) Limestone c) Dunite d) Slate
A rock that has a dark in color has a _________________ composition.
a) Felsic b) Mafic c) Coarse d) Vesicular
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