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Plant with tube-like structures that move minerals and water,throughout the plant.
a) perennial b) vascular c) roots d) leaves
Plants that keep their needles and or leaves throughout the year
a) deciduous b) annuals c) evergreens d) herbs
Plants that grow cones instead of flowers to protect their seeds.
a) organic b) succulents c) spores d) conifers
Flowering plants that produce seeds enclosed in a fruit.
a) angiosperm b) evergreens c) annual d) fertilizer
The protective outer layer of seeds
a) leaves b) seed coat c) stem d) roots
The process by which a plant grows from a seed
a) pollination b) angiosperm c) germination d) nutrients
Designed to pull water and minerals from whatever material the plant sits on.
a) stem b) leaves c) roots d) spores
What happens during the process of germination
a) a seed sprouts a plant b) the plant create food c) the plant takes in more water d) pollen is gathered
Which of the following would be considered an angiosperm
a) inorganic b) conifer c) green pepper d) spores
Conifers grow cones to protect their
a) flowers b) stems c) seeds d) leaves
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