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Government that has limits on powers, examples include constitutional monarch and democracies
a) Limited Government b) Unlimited Government c) d)
Government that has full control. Examples include oligarchy, totalitarianism, and absolute monarchy
a) Unlimited Government b) Limited Government c) d)
All people, including the government must obey all laws.
a) Rule of Law b) State of Nature c) State of Law d) None of the above
Absolute monarchs get their power from God.
a) Divine Right b) Absolute Right c) God's Right d) Religious Right
They used the military to show their power. France Russia are your best examples
a) absolute monarch b) constitutional monarch c) d)
New ideas in Math and Science. Important scientists included Galileo, Kepler, Copernicus and Newton. Influenced the Enlightenment
a) Scientific Revolution b) Scientific Method c) English Bill of Rights d) Glorious Revolution
Sun is the center of the universe.
a) Heliocentric Theory b) Geocentric Theory c) The Big Bang Theory d) Marscentric Theory
Known for the telescope, findings went against the Catholic Church, Conflicts with religion science. (God is above all)
a) Galileo b) Kepler c) Copernicus d) Newton
Laws of Motion Gravity, Supported by Divine Right
a) Newton b) Galileo c) Kepler d) Copernicus
Find proof using reason. Question, Hypothesis, Data, Conclusion
a) Scientific Method b) Scientific Revolution c) The Enlightenment d) Magna Carta
Influenced by John Locke, Written by Thomas Jefferson; All men have natural rights.
a) Declaration of Independence b) English Bill of Rights c) Magna Carta d) None of the above
Period of thinking using logic reason (Social Contract Declaration of Independence) Inspired the American French Revolutions.
a) Enlightenment b) Scientific Revolution c) Glorious Revolution d) Scientific Method
Government is made to protect the people. The government’s leaders can be replaced if they fail at their job.
a) Social Contract Theory b) Rule of Law c) State of Nature d)
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