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An examination of the body after death usually with such dissection as will expose the vital organs for determining the cause of death
a) Mortality review b) Mortality board c) Autopsy d) Medical examine
A document showing all the sources used to research information.
a) Documentation b) Citation c) Bibliography d) APA
A written reference to a specific work (book, article, dissertation, report, musical composition, etc.) by a particular author or creator which identifies the document in which the work may be found.
a) Documentation b) Citation c) Bibliography d) APA
The act of creating citations to identify resources used in writing a work.
a) Documentation b) Citation c) Bibliography d) APA
A comprehensive set of standards and practices designed to give patients specific rights regarding their personal health information.
a) Citation b) HIPAA c) HAPIA d) HIPPA
A physician who performs an autopsy when death may be accidental or violent. He or she may also serve in some jurisdictions as the coroner.
a) Medical examiner b) Autopsy expert c) Toxicologist d) Forensic DNA analyst
Assists pathologist to prepare bodies and organ specimens for examination; prepares the morgue room, supplies, and equipment
a) Medical Examiner b) Coroner c) Crime Scene Investigator d) Morgue Assistant
Analyzes blood and fluids for chemicals
a) Toxicologist b) Forensic DNA analyst c) Blood spatter analyst d) Emergency Medical Technician
Collects and analyzes crime scene evidence
a) 911 operator b) EMT c) CSI d) Toxicologist
Determines cause and manner of death through an autopsy
a) Medical examiner b) Morgue assistant c) Forensic DNA analyst d) Crime scene investigator
Determines the source of blood (or hair, or other body fluids)
a) Emergency Medical Technician b) Crime Scene Investigator c) Blood Spatter Analyst d) Forensic DNA Analyst
Takes calls and dispatches the appropriate personnel to site of an emergency
a) 911 operator b) Crime Scene Investigator c) Emergency Medical Technician d) Toxicologist
Respond to emergency medical issues, accidents, and traumatic injuries
a) 911 operator b) EMT c) CSI d) Toxicologist
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