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What is the name of the prime meridian on the other side of the Earth?
a) The international date line b) Equator c) Prime Meridian d) Mean line
Longitude lines run from the South pole to the ______________
a) North Pole b) Equator c) Internation Date Line d) School
The prime meridian runs through which town in England?
a) Silver Creek b) New York c) Greenwhich d) Buffalo
Points North of the Equator are labeld with which letter?
a) S b) N c) E d) W
This is an imaginary line that is at 0 degrees longitude
a) Equator b) Prime Meridian c) Mean line d) Parallel line
How many poles are there on Earth?
a) 2 b) 1 c) 0 d) 4
________________ refers to the distance in degrees north or south of the equator.
a) Mean Line b) Prime Meridian c) Map d) Latitude
An imaginary line that circles the Earth and seperates it into Northern and Southern Hemispheres is called the ___________
a) Prime Meridian b) Pasta c) Equator d) Mean line
Latitude and Longitude form an imaginary __________________
a) Friend b) Grid System c) Map d) Batman
How do we find differnet locations on Earth?
a) latiude b) longitude c) microscopes d) Both latitude and longitude
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