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Which of these is NOT a section of your IEP
a) accommodations b) Goals c) class grades d) services
Which of these are NOT an accommodation example?
a) FM/DM unit b) decreasing the amount of math work you need to turn in c) preferential seating d) note-taking support
Statements about what you are able to do in specific skill (academic/functional) areas at the current time
a) PLOP b) accommodations c) modifications d) services
Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Reasonable, Timely statements about something you need to improve on to have better success academically or functionally (ie self advocacy)
a) Goals b) Services c) accommodations d) modifications
Part of your IEP that talks about your goals and plans after you graduate from high school
a) modifications b) transition c) accommodations d) services
Supports, added to the classroom and during tests, which you are entitled to receive to make sure that you have equal auditory access in the classroom
a) modifications b) accommodations c) goals d)
Makes sure that if you are in a public school, you receive all accommodations and services necessary for your success, free of charge to you and your family.
a) IEP b) IDEA c) LRE d) FAPE
Legal document that lists the goals, accommodations, modifications, and services you will receive during the school year
a) IDEA b) PLOP c) IEP d) FAPE
The law that protect students with specific disabilities at school from ages 3-21
a) IEP b) FAPE c) LRE d) IDEA
Part of law IDEA that makes sure you are in your regular education classroom for as much of every school day as possible
a) FAPE b) IDEA c) LRE d) IEP
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