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poem that does not rhyme
a) free verse b) narrative poetry c) exact rhyme d) slant rhyme
poem that tells a story
a) narrative poetry b) free verse c) exact rhyme d) slant rhyme
words that rhyme perfectly
a) exact rhyme b) slant rhyme c) free verse d) narrative poetry
words that almost rhyme
a) slant rhyme b) exact rhyme c) free verse d) narrative poetry
recurring use of a sound, a word, a phrase, or a line
a) repetition b) meter c) assonance d) dissonance
pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables in poetry, creates rhythm
a) meter b) mood c) hyperbole d) repetition
feeling expressed in a work of literature
a) mood b) hyperbole c) assonance d) dissonance
extreme exaggeration used to empasize a point
a) hyperbole b) mood c) meter d) repetition
repitition of vowel sounds
a) assonance b) consonance c) hyperbole d) mood
repetition of final consonant sounds
a) consonance b) assonance c) mood d) meter
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