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Which of these is a shape of bacteria?
a) rod-shaped b) cone-shaped c) cube-shaped d)
Helpful bacteria is used to make what food?
a) Yogurt b) Meat c) Fruit d) Milk
What is an organism that causes diseases?
a) Pathogen b) Mushroom c) Protozoan d)
What do protozoans, such as the Paramecium, use to sweep food into their oral grooves (mouth)?
a) Cilia b) Cell Membranes c) Cytoplasm d) Nucleic Acid
Which of these helps protozoans move?
a) Pseudopod b) Pathogen c) Bacteria d) Virus
Which of the following moves using a pseudopod?
a) Amoeba b) Diatom c) Euglena d) Flagellate
What is the purpose of the flagella?
a) Movement b) Reproduction c) Digestion d) Storage
What structure would you find in a plant cell that you would not find in an animal cell?
a) Chloroplast b) Golgi Body c) MItochondria d) Nucleus
Which of the following is found in both a cell and a virus?
a) hereditary material or DNA b) Cell membrane c) nucleus d) mitochondria
Which of the following is not a part of the cell theory?
a) Cells contain tiny organelles. b) Organisms are made of cells. c) Cells are the basic units of life. d) Cells come from cells.
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