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What is the most useful tool for chemists?
a) Periodic table b) Graduated cylinder c) Bunsen burner d) Paper clips
What was chemistry like before the periodic table?
a) It was organized and easy to understand b) It was super amazing and fun c) It was a mess... disorganized, hard to find information d) It was silly and all chemists did was have parties
Who is Dmitri Mendeleev?
a) Ms. Reno's roommate from college b) The chemist who discovered oxygen c) The father of organic chemistry d) The father of the periodic table
How is the current periodic table organized?
a) Atomic Weight b) Atomic Number c) Mass number d) Alphabetically
What is similar about elements in the same group?
a) They have similar tastes and smells b) They have similar chemical and physical properties c) They were discovered around the same time d) If I put bread in the toaster too long it gets burnt
Columns (vertical) in the periodic table are called
a) Periods b) Groups c) Rows d) Stripes
Rows (horizontal) on the periodic table are called
a) Periods b) Groups c) Columns d) Lists
Which element is NOT part of CHONPS?
a) Phosphorus b) Oxygen c) Carbon d) Silicon
Why are CHONPS elements important?
a) They aren't. They just have big egos. b) They are found in all living things c) They are necessary for building roads d) They have the best Tacos and Trivia night on Tuesdays
What element was involved in the explosion of the Hindenberg?
a) Carbon b) Helium c) Hydrogen d) Boron
What family is in group 2?
a) Alkali Metals b) Oxygen Family c) Transition Metals d) Alkaline Earth Metals
Describe transition metals
a) Metals used as metals b) Metals used in jewelry and construction c) Metals in the middle of the periodic table d) All of the above
What element makes up over 75% of the atmosphere?
a) Oxygen b) Hydrogen c) Nitrogen d) Carbon
Where on the periodic table do you find the Nitrogen Family?
a) Group 15 b) Period 15 c) Group 2 d) Period 2
Describe Noble Gases
a) Found in group 17 b) Contain gases like Oxygen and Hydrogen c) Non-reactive, stable gases d) All of the above
What is matter?
a) Any material substance with mass and volume b) Any substance with a definite shape c) Anything that has carbon in it d) Chemistry
What has an indefinite shape and an indefinite volume?
a) Solid b) Liquid c) Gas d) Puppies
What has a definite shape and a definite volume?
a) Solid b) Liquid c) Gas d) Potato Soup
What has an indefinite shape and a definite volume ?
a) Solid b) Liquid c) Gas d) Cheeseburgers
Which phase of matter can expand in all directions to fill a container?
a) Solid b) Liquid c) Gas d) Sharknados
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