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A complex society that has cities, a well-organized government, and workers with specialized job skills
a) civilization b) religion c) social class d) resource
The system that a community uses to produce and distribute goods and services
a) economy b) surplus c) specialization d) revolution
Dependable, steady, not risky
a) reliable b) social class c) civilization d) surplus
To spend time working at a single job or craft
a) specialization b) revolution c) resource d) domesticate
To change the growth of plants or behavior of animals in ways that are useful for humans
a) domesticate b) economy c) civilization d) specialization
A set of shared beliefs about supernatural powers that created and rule the world
a) religion b) revolution c) surplus d) domesticate
A supply of something that can be used as needed
a) resource b) economy c) reliable d) civilization
Groups of people that occupy different ranks or levels in society
a) social class b) domesticate c) religion d) economy
A complete change in ways of thinking, working, or living
a) revolution b) specialization c) economy d) reliable
More food than is needed to feed the people
a) surplus b) civilization c) resource d) social class
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