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What percent of the energy goes to the next trophic level?
a) 1% b) 5% c) 10% d) 25%
97% of the water on our planet is found in
a) Saltwater Oceans b) Freshwater Lakes c) Frozen Icebergs d) Pure Groundwater
1/3 of the land on Earth is this biome
a) Tropical Rainforest b) Grassland c) Desert d) Coniferous Forests
Most of the Earth is covered in...
a) Desert b) Lakes c) Oceans d) Forests
What is the term for the levels in a food chain, pyramid, or web
a) Photic Level b) Triumphant Level c) Tropical Level d) Trophic Level
The maximum trophic levels in a pyramid is usually
a) 2 b) 4 c) 6 d) 8
Tiny floating animals
a) Phytoplankton b) Zooplankton c) Animal Plankton d) Bioplankton
What is the name for an organisms that is thriving in an area that it was not originally from
a) Native Species b) Immigrant Species c) Invasive Species d) New Species
Which of these is a decomposer
a) Fungus b) Tree c) Tiger d) Mouse
Which can NOT be a primary consumer
a) Herbivore b) Carnivore c) Omnivore d) Deer
The term for having a great number of species in an area
a) Biodiversity b) Biomass c) Biotroph d) Biodifference
The energy for every food chain starts from the
a) Tertiary Consumer b) Primary Consumer c) Primary Producer d) Sunlight
Which is most likely to have long sharp canines
a) Herbivores b) Scavengers c) Carnivores d) Detritovores
Which of these is NOT an omnivore
a) Cow b) Bear c) Raccoon d) Human
Vultures and hyenas are examples of these
a) Scavengers b) Omnivores c) Detritovores d) Carnivores
Animals that break down dead plant or animal matter.
a) Carnivores b) Herbivores c) Detritovores d) Omnivores
Organsisms that eat both plants and animals
a) Herbivores b) Omnivores c) Carnivores d) Producers
The process that bacteria in the ocean use to get energy
a) Chemosynthesis b) Photosynthesis c) Biosynthesis d) Hydrosynthesis
Which of these does NOT describe a deer?
a) Hetertroph b) Herbivore c) Primary Consumer d) Omnivore
Which does not use photosynthesis?
a) Autotroph b) Producer c) Heterotroph d) Plants
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