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Florida is broken up into two parts: The _______________and the __________.
a) Strait and Plain b) Peninsula and Panhandle c) water and land d) Panhandle and Strait
The three land regions of Florida are the ______________, ______________, and ________________.
a) East Gulf Coastal, Uplands, and Plains b) Everglades, East Gulf Coastal, and Uplands c) East Gulf Coastal, Atlantic Coastal, and Uplands d) Atlantic Coastal, Everglades, and Plains
______________________is Florida's capital city.
a) Spring Hill b) Tampa c) Orlando d) Tallahassee
_________________is a world known theme park in central Florida.
a) Everglades National Park b) Ft. Lauderdale Beach c) Disney World d) Castillo de San Marcos
The ________________and_________________ are two rare animals found in the Everglades.
a) panther; crocodile b) crocodile; cheetah c) tree frog; cheetah d) frog; fox
Florida is located in North America in the _______________hemisphere.
a) South; Western b) North; Western c) South; Northern d) South; Eastern
A ______________is a wetland filled mostly with grasses while a swamp is filled mostly with trees.
a) swamp b) plain c) marsh d) dessert
The ___________________Plain has beaches that line the coast which includes Florida Keys and parts of the Everglades.
a) Atlantic Coastal b) East Gulf Coastal c) Uplands d) Panhandle
Florida's ________________Plain has features that consist of wetlands.
a) Atlantic Coastal b) East Gulf Coastal c) Coastal d) Uplands
__________________ is the highest point in Florida and is located in the upland regions.
a) Atlantic Coast b) Britton Hill c) Straits of Florida d) Uplands
Lake _____________is the largest freshwater lake in Florida
a) Erie b) Weeki Wachee c) Okeechobee d) Kissimmee
Florida's coastline estimates a distance of approximately _________miles.
a) 1000 miles b) 100 miles c) 500 miles d) 300 miles
Florida's climate consists of ____________summers and ____________winters in the north and warmer in the south.
a) hot, cool b) warm, cold c) hot, warm d) cold, colder
__________________ and _______________ are two states that border the panhandle.
a) Alabama and Mississippi b) Georgia and Alabama c) Georgia and Mississippi d) South Carolina and Alabama
______________relates to a word that describes cities.
a) urban b) peninsula c) island d) sea level
________________ is the height of the ocean.
a) urban b) peninsula c) sea level d) pollution
A_____________ is land nearly surrounded by water.
a) pollution b) peninsula c) urban d) barrier island
_________________is a chemical that damages the enviornment.
a) pollution b) limestone c) strait d) wetland
Coastal regions of Florida are low and flat, while uplands are low and have______________.
a) swamps b) marshes c) theme parks d) rolling hills
A popular vacation spot is ____________where Disney World is located at.
a) Weeki Wachee b) Tampa c) Orlando d) Tallahassee
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