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Son of Sam tortured what northern city?
a) Boston, MA b) Concord, MA c) Starksville, NY d) New York, NY
The eventual capture of Son of Sam was initiated by what event?
a) He corresponded with police b) His victim escaped to tell the police c) He turned himself d) He received a parking ticket during a murder
How many death sentences did Wuornos receive?
a) 1 b) 6 c) 3 d) 4
How did Wuornos get her victims alone?
a) She brought them back to her apartment. b) She broke into their houses. c) She was picked up by them as a prostitute. d) She kidnapped them
Which of the following was the girlfriend of Wuornos and would testify against her in court?
a) Tyria Moore b) Elaine Benes c) Tyra Jones d) Jennifer Good
Identify the person who’s last words were, “I’d just like to say I’m sailing with the Rock and I’ll be back like ‘Independence Day’ with Jesus, June 6, like the movie, big mother ship and all. I’ll be back.”
a) John Wayne Gacy b) Aileen Wuornos c) Richard Kuklinski d) Jeffrey Dahmer
Which serial killer had an alter ego named Pogo the clown?
a) Richard Kuklinski b) Jeffrey Dahmer c) John Wayne Gacy d) Charles Manson
Where did Gacy dispose of his victims?
a) Caves b) He didn’t c) His crawlspace d) In the woods
Where did Bundy locate his victims?
a) Gay bars b) Nightclubs c) College campuses d) Railroads
Bundy used his attractive appearance to do what?
a) Win over his victims b) Attract his gay lovers c) Dress as a clown d) Dress as a woman
All of Bundy’s victims were pretty, thin, brunette women who parted their hair down the middle. They all eerily resembled who?
a) His mom b) His sister c) His ex girlfriend d) His wife
Who told David Berkowitz to kill?
a) Sam the neighbor b) Harvey, the neighbor's dog c) Michael, the neighbor's cat d) Jared, the neighbor's parrot
Since he has been in prison, Son of Sam has joined which group?
a) Alcoholics Anonymous b) Murderers Row c) Jews for Jesus d) KKK
What restaurant was Gacy a manager of?
a) KFC b) McDonalds c) Fazolis d) Chick-fil-a
Gacy claimed who abused him?
a) His mom b) His dad c) His older sister d) His aunt
What did Gacy do to intimidate one of his victims?
a) Burnt his house down b) Killed his parents c) Hired a hitman to kill him d) Hired another boy to beat him up
Who is known as BTK?
a) Dennis Rader b) John Wayne Gacy c) David Berkowitz d) Richard Kuklinski
What does BTK stand for?
a) Bondage, Torture, Kill b) Bind, Telephone, Kill c) Bind, Torture, Kill d) Blind, Torture, Keep
What town did BTK harass for decades?
a) New York, New York b) Kansas City, Kansas c) Wichita, Kansas d) Las Vegas, Nevada
On two separate occasions, BTK snuck out of _________________ to murder a woman.
a) Prison b) Boy Scout camp c) Mental Asylum d) His parents’ house
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