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an important advance
a) envisioned b) breakthrough c) captivated d) patents
Which word has almost the same meaning as the word ENVISIONED
a) assumed b) enhanced c) ensured d) predicted
Which word has the opposite meaning of the word ENTHUSIASTICALLY?
a) boringly b) graciously c) quietly d) slowly
acting in a way that shows great interest or excitement
a) captivated b) passionate c) enthusiastically d) envisioned
influenced by charm, art or skill
a) claimed b) passionate c) captivated d) patents
have or show a strong feeling about something
a) envisioned b) patents c) captivated d) passionate
imagine what is going to happen
a) claimed b) passionate c) devices d) envisioned
things made or invented for a particular purpose
a) devices b) patents c) claimed d) envisioned
papers that give a person or company the right to make, use, or sell new inventions for a certain number of years
a) captivated b) pasionate c) patents d) devices
declare as your own
a) patents b) devices c) claimed d) captivated
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