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What is the fuel in our sun?
a) helium b) carbon c) oxygen d) hydrogen
What characteristic are scientists trying to determine when they use a spectrograph?
a) star's composition b) star's temperature c) star's size d) star's position
Stars begin as a cloud of dust and gas called a
a) black hole b) nebula c) white dwarf d) supernova
The Milky Way galaxy has what shape?
a) elliptical b) irregular c) spiral d) random
Differences between apparent brightness and absolute brightness are due to
a) a star's age b) the distance from Earth c) the type of galaxy d) its spectrogram
What kind of star is the sun?
a) a supergiant b) a red giant c) a white dwarf d) a main sequence
Large mass stars have shorter lives because
a) they burn their fuel at a higher rate b) small stars use a different type of energy production c) they always have higher surface temperatures d) they are usually older and less energy efficient
The process by which a star greates energy is ____
a) nuclear fission b) nuclear fusion c) combustion d) transpiration
This objects has such great gravity that no electromagnetic energy can escape.
a) black hole b) nebula c) supernova d) white dwarf
A light year is a measure of what?
a) time b) temperature c) absolute magnitude d) distance
_____ is the apparent change in position of an object when viewed from different places.
a) parallax b) nebula c) absolute magnitude d) composition
What chart compares a star's surface temperature to its brightness?
a) a spectrograph b) a Hertzsprung-Russell diagram c) an anenometer d) a Fujita scale
When an star is moving away from us, what happens to the apparent wavelength of the light it emits?
a) it stays the same b) it decreases c) in increases d) we don't know
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