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Jim gave his dog 2 different kinds of treats for a week to see which one he liked better this is...
a) experiment b) hypothesis c) gather info d) state the problem
The farmer determined it was better to get work done in the morning, this is...
a) state the problem b) experiment c) conclusions d) gather info
Weather is predicted each morning by the weather person this is
a) state the problem b) hypothesis c) experiment d) conclusion
The control group for wanting to find out if plants grow better with fertilizer
a) plants that die b) plants that grow better c) plants with fertilizer d) plants with no fertilizer
The number of variables that should be tested in an experiment are
a) 2 b) 1 c) 0 d) 5
Why do you have a control group and experimental group?
a) record info b) compare results c) extra work d) ask a question
The difference between control and experimental groups
a) hypothesis b) research c) variable d) scientists
The 1 factor being tested is called
a) conclusion b) variable c) hypothesis d) conductor
Which is an EDUCATED guess
a) guessing lotto numbers b) guessing it may rain when you see clouds c) Guessing who will be the president in 20 years d) Guessing who will win the Superbowl in 5 years
After research and testing the scientific method will produce
a) a conclusion b) a hypothesis c) no results d) a variable
I'm trying to decide if Nikes are better than Adidas sneakers. The variable is..
a) size of sneaker b) brand of sneaker c) smell of sneaker d) color of the sneaker
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