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A graphic that shows events in chronological order. It helps the reader understand the relationship between events.
a) Bar Graph b) Timeline c) Sidebars d) Hyperlink
A page at the front of the book that gives the name of the book, its author, and possible other information about the book.
a) Table of Contents b) Pie Chart c) Title Page d) Captions
Writing or text that presents and explains ideas or tells about real people, places, or events.
a) Photographs b) Text Features c) Title of Publication d) Nonfiction
A list of difficult words and their meanings that are in a book.
a) Glossary b) Index c) Bullets d) Maps
A list at the beginning of a text that shows the major chapters and parts of the book as well as the page number.
a) Title Page b) Table of Contents c) Subheading d) Nonfiction
The feature that offers interesting and supportive information along the side or bottom of an article.
a) Captions b) Hyperlink c) Headings d) Sidebars
Words below/beside photographs or charts telling who, what, when, where, why, and how?
a) Bullets b) Captions c) Subheading d) Diagrams
An illustration that captures the action and emotion of the event and/or people.
a) Index b) Timeline c) Charts d) Photographs
Information presented in visual form to tell you where something is or where it happened.
a) Title of the Article b) Photographs c) Maps d) Headings
A graph using a divided circle where each section represents part of the total.
a) Pie Chart b) Bar Graph c) Chart d) Table of Contents
The feature that provides an illustration of parts to a whole, explains where something is, or how something works.
a) Pie Chart b) Index c) HYperlink d) Diagram
The feature that uses bars to show quanitities or numbers so they can be easily compared.
a) Bold Print b) Glossary c) Bar Graphs d) Pie Charts
The type of formatting that uses heavy ink to point out key
a) Bullets b) Sidebars c) Timeline d) Bold Print
The type of mark that is used to identify items in a list.
a) Text Features b) Bullets c) Headings d) Captions
The feature that organizes and lables sections. It's often bolded or underlined.
a) Photographs b) Bar Graph c) Headings d) Chart
The feature that names an article and often sets the tone and subject of the article?
a) Title of the Article b) Subheading c) Infographic d) Text Features
Name the feature that tells the name of the magazine, newspaper, journal,etc.?
a) Title of Publication b) Title of the Article c) Bullets d) Diagrams
HIghlighted or underlined text that will take a user to another website which has related information.
a) Hyperlink b) Chart c) Pie Chart d) Infographic
Elements in a nonfiction or informational text that are designed to provide and present information.
a) Photographs b) Diagrams c) Subheading d) Text Features
A feature that presents information graphically and in rows and columns.
a) Pie Chart b) Subheading c) Chart d) Infographic
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