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Composting is an example of-
a) respiration b) pollution c) recycling of matter d) fermentation of matter
On an island there is a population of moose and wolves. As the old moose population increases the wolf population increases, and both decrease the same way. What conclusion can you draw from this?
a) Wolves prey on older moose. b) Young moose are protected by their mothers. c) The vegetation decreases of the moose population ages. d) Wolves do not prey on female moose and their calves.
Mushrooms and bacteria serve an important role in an ecosystem, that of the decomposer. Why are decomposers important to the ecosystem?
a) They release stored energy and allow nutrients from dead organisms to be cycled back into the ecosystem. b) They eat the dead animals in the ecosystem, cleaning the habitat. c) They provide a direct food source for producers and consumers in the ecosystem. d) They are not an important component in the ecosystem.
What happens to the energy from materials as they decompose in a compost bin?
a) There is no energy in dead organisms. b) No energy is lost as the materials decompose. c) All of the energy stays in the compost bin. d) Some of the energy is released as heat.
Essentially, biomass is stored ___ energy that man can convert to electricity, fuel, and heat. Through ___, the energy from the Sun is stored in the plant material.
a) solar...decomposition b) solar...photosynthesis c) heat...recycling d) trophic...production
After observing a compost bin, a student wanted to investigate what microscopic organisms were living in it. What equipment would be needed to view the microscopic animals?
a) graduated cylinder, meter stick, thermometer b) balance, hand lens, beaker c) microscope, microscope slides, notebook d) hot plate, stereoscope, tape measure
A lab require a glass beaker with blue liquid, a pipette, a glass graduated cylinder, a glass petri dish, leaves and goggles. What do you do first?
a) Put on the goggles. b) Waft the beaker. c) Wait for teacher directions. d) Read the procedure.
A student is using the following. What items are a reason for wearing goggles?
a) unknown blue liquid b) unknown blue liquid, glass beaker, glass petri dish c) glass beaker, glass graduated cylinder, glass petri dish d) unknown blue liquid, glass beaker, glass graduated cylinder, glass petri dish
Which molecule in the photosynthesis equation represents food energy made by plants?
a) carbon dioxide b) water c) glucose d) oxygen
What type of energy comes from the Sun?
a) radiant b) electricity c) wind d) pressure
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