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-n. signs of future events
a) omen b) hazy c) quench d) ibis
-adj. Red
a) scarlet b) hazy c) lurk d) omen
-n. reluctance to talk proudly about ones own achievements
a) ibis b) modesty c) omen d) monotony
-v. to continue
a) sustain b) exotic c) bustling d) scarlet
-n. bird from South America to Florida
a) lurk b) ibis c) omen d) hazy
-n. sameness; boredom
a) exotic b) modesty c) omen d) monotony
-n. a Chinese ruler
a) ibis b) omen c) hazy d) mandarin
-V. to put out
a) lurk b) omen c) quench d) hazy
-adj. noisy and active
a) ibis b) bustling c) sustain d) exotic
-adj. misty or unclear
a) hazy b) lurk c) omen d) ibis
-adj. strange; foreing
a) exotic b) omen c) sustain d) ibis
v. to be or remain hidden.
a) omen b) hazy c) lurk d) quench
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