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-v. to act in secret towards a deceitful purpose
a) dune b) elixir c) immerse d) conspire
-v. to sharpen
a) dune b) tether c) marvel d) whet
-v. to restrict through rope or chain
a) elixir b) whet c) dune d) tether
-adj. happening again and again
a) entrust b) immerse c) tether d) recurrent
n. an impression that something might be the case
a) hunch b) dune c) hookah d) whet
-v. to put into the care or protection of someone
a) hunch b) entrust c) hookah d) whet
-n. head of tribe or clan
a) hookah b) whet c) elixir d) chieftain
-v. to be amazed
a) dune b) whet c) tether d) marvel
-v. to dip or completely submerge in liquid
a) immerse b) entrust c) marvel d) tether
-n. an oriental tobacco pipe with a long, flexible tube
a) marvel b) hookah c) hunch d) tether
-n. a substance believed to cure all ills
a) tether b) hunch c) eixir d) dune
n- a ridge of sand created by the wind
a) marvel b) hunch c) dune d) whet
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