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The human adult skeleton has how many bones?
a) 156 b) 206 c) 300 d) 256
What makes bones hard?
a) cartilage b) proteins c) minerals d) marrow
One function of the spongy bone.
a) to make bones lightweight b) to make bones strong c) to produce periosteum d) to absorb water
Most muscles in the body are this kind of muscle.
a) good muscle b) smooth muscle c) cardiac muscle d) skeletal muscle
Cardiac muscles are only found here?
a) intestines b) heart c) stomach d) legs
Where are red blood cells produced?
a) red marrow b) yellow marrow c) periosteum d) compact bone
The chemical that gives skin its color.
a) phosphorus b) urea c) melanin d) calcium
The primary function of the skin is to do what?
a) suntan b) protect c) peel d) sweat
What is the type of joint found in the knee and elbow?
a) pivot b) gliding c) ball and socket d) hinge
What is the type of joint found in the back of the neck?
a) pivot b) gliding c) ball and socket d) hinge
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