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What is the condition of the atmosphere at a certain time and place?
a) weather b) water cycle c) forecast d) climate
The amount of water vapor in the air is called...
a) humidity b) relative humidity c) temperature d) water in the air
The amount of water vapor in the air compared to the amount the air can hold at a given time is...
a) relative humidity b) saturation c) dew point d) humidity
The process by which a gas becomes a liquid is...
a) condensation b) humidity c) saturation d) dew point
A collection of water droplets or ice crystals.
a) clouds b) water vapor c) rain d) humidity
Rain, sleet, snow or hail is an example of...
a) precipitation b) water cycle c) humidity d) water vapor
This carries water from precipitation into a body of water (oceans, streams, etc...)
a) run off b) saturation c) evaporation d) condensation
What happens to the relative humidity when air temperature increases?
a) relative humidity increases b) clouds will form c) relative humidity stays the same d) relative humidity decreases
What kind of weather will cumulonimbus clouds likely bring?
a) thunderstorms b) snow c) tornadoes d) fair weather
Cirrus clouds are made of
a) ice crystals b) fog c) a mixture of ice crystlas and water droplets d) water droplets
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