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What is an official ban on trade or other commerical activity with a country?
a) Embargo b) Tariff c) Quota d) Specialization
What trade barrier sets a limit on the number of goods that can be imported?
a) Embargo b) Tariff c) Quota d) GDP
What is to committ money or capital to gain financial return?
a) Import b) Invest c) Insert d) Induct
What are man-made things we use to help us work?
a) Capital Resources b) Capital Investments c) Natural resources d) Human Resources
What isnthe total market value of the goods and services produced by the country in a specific year?
a) GOP b) GDP c) GPD d) GPO
What is the sepration of different races in a country?
a) Segregation b) Immigration c) Apartheid d) Desegregation
the separation of races in South Africa was called _______________.
a) Immigration b) Migration c) Apartheid d) Segregation
What is the virus that causes AIDS.
a) HPV b) HIV c) Mumps d) Flu
What is a serious often fatel disease that harms the immune system?
a) Flu b) Cancer c) Mumps d) AIDS
What is it called when someone has an idea for a good or servic and takes a risk to produce it?
a) Investment b) Capital Resources c) Entrepreneurship d) Ownership
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