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Trace minerals are sometimes called _____
a) macrominerals b) minuteminerals c) microminerals d) None of the above
_____ is essential for making hemoglobin.
a) iron b) water c) vitamin c d) copper
Are sometimes called macrominerals
a) major minerals b) trace minerals c) osteoporosis d) microminerals
A condition that causes the bones to become porous, making them weak and fragile.
a) rickets b) scurvy c) anemia d) osteoporosis
Hypertension is another name for. . .
a) bulimia b) high blood pressure c) antioxidant d) beriberi
A condition that is caused by a lack of niacin.
a) pellagra b) beriberi c) scurvy d) anemia
Which mineral is linked to high blood pressure?
a) sodium b) calcium c) magnesium d)
Which of the following is not a trace mineral?
a) iron b) zinc c) phosphorus d) flouride
Which of the following is not an electrolyte mineral?
a) chloride b) calcium c) potassium d) sodium
Too much or too little of this mineral can cause thyroid problems.
a) cooper b) flouride c) iodine d)
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