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Another word for a living thing is called an
a) offspring b) organism c) animal d) plant
All living things
a) go through metamorphosis b) need sunlight to grow c) make their own food d) grow and develop
The basic needs of plants and animals are
a) air, food, water b) water, food, air, vitamins c) water, food, air, shelter d) water, sunlight, oxygen, soil
Plants and animals are not the only kinds of living things
a) true b) false c) d)
Anything that give an organism energy is
a) food b) vitamins c) nutrients d) water
In animals, the process of breaking down food is called
a) structures b) exchange c) respiration d) digestion
The exchange of gases between organisms and their environment is called
a) respiration b) metamorphosis c) digestion d) life cycle
The parts that make up the organism's body are called the organism's
a) functions b) structures c) d)
The job that a structure performs is called the
a) function b) work c) job d)
The roots of a plant
a) take in gases b) help plants take in water and food c) help plants take in water d)
The material on the outside of a plant or animal that helps protect the organism is called a
a) body covering b) protection c) shell d)
A pattern of changes that happen during an organism's life cycle is the organism's
a) reproduction b) body covering c) metamorphosis d) life cycle
The final stage in an organism's life cycle is called the
a) larva stage b) adult stage c) pupa stage d)
The change in body form is called
a) structure b) metamorphosis c) function d) respiration
Which part of a plan takes in air?
a) stem b) leaves c) roots d)
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