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Why can astronauts float in space?
a) there is gravity in space b) there is no gravity in space c) they weight less d) they have special machines
What simple machine has a pivot point that allows it to move?
a) inclined plane b) pulley c) lever d) wheel and axle
This simple machine has a bar and fulcrum?
a) wheel and axle b) inclined plane c) lever d) gravity
This simple machine has a slope?
a) catapult b) inclined plane c) wheel and axel d) screw
What does friction do?
a) It keeps a force from happening b) helps things move faster c) It stops gravity d) It allows things to float
Without gravity we would?
a) nothing would change b) float away c) fall over d) be able to jump higher
What happens to a ball if you toss it.
a) It keeps moving b) It floats away c) It doesn't move d) It falls to the ground
What is gravity?
a) The pull of objects to the earth b) To float in space c) To be able to move an object d) To keep something from moving smoothly
What is force?
a) To push something b) To fall towards the Earth c) The power to move an object or change its direction d) A sloping ramp
What caused the acorn to fall down and hit chicken little in the head?
a) gravity b) force c) friction d) work
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