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A treeless area in Arctic regions where the soil underground is permanently frozen.
a) Tundra b) Pollutants c) Aquatic Biome d) Grassland
A biome with temperatures which support plant growth year-round.
a) Tropical b) Terrestrial c) Biome d) Tundra
Related to land biomes
a) Terrestrial b) Estuaries c) Marine Biome d) Freshwater
a marshy tract that is wet with salt water or flooded by the sea.
a) Salt Marsh b) Desert c) Biome d) Tundra
A biome with a high amount of rainfall annually.
a) Rainforest b) Desert c) Tundra d) Biome
Something that pollutes
a) pollutant b) aquatic c) estuaries d) marine biome
Largest biome or the one vocabulary term Mr. Bullins forgot to put on the matching (OOPS!!)
a) Marine Biome b) Terrestrial c) Rainforest d) Grassland
water that contains little or no dissolved salts often found in ice caps, glaciers, aquifers, rivers, and lakes
a) freshwater b) salt water c) Gatorade d) deciduous forest
A biome in which grass is the dominant form of plant life.
a) grassland b) aquatic c) biome d) estuaries
A dry area with little or no precipitation or vegetation
a) desert b) Ms. Fair's yard (HAHAHA!!) c) I was kidding Ms. Fair d) deciduous forest
Having to do with water
a) aquatic b) desert c) dessert d) pollutants
One of Earth’s large ecosystems, with its own kind of climate, soil, plants, and animals. 
a) biome b) lego land c) Disneyland d) water
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