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When the guards came, the unruly group ran away. What did they do?
a) deplete b) disprove c) distort d) disperse
1. Jay's brother always yells, causing him not to finish his homework. What does Jay's brother do to cause Jay not to finish his work?
a) distract b) disprove c) distort d) dispersr
The lawyers want the jury to see that the witness cannot be trusted. What words describe what the lawyers want to to the witness?
a) deplete b) denounce c) disprove d) distort
Twisted, confused, and just wrong were the stories created by the students about the class pet. The students tried to change the truth. What words describe what they did?
a) deplete b) distort c) dispute d) despicable
Why are you always arguing with me! We cannot go a day without arguing. What are we always having?
a) dissonance b) disputes c) disprovals d) distortment
Laurie was upset to find out that she had no more snacks, and lunch wouldn't be served for five hours. What word describes Laurie's snack supply?
a) distorted b) demolished c) depleted d) decrepit
The old, evacuated building was bulldozed three weeks ago. What word describes the buildings?
a) decrepit b) depleted c) despicable d) descent
The people of the kingdom have vowed to get rid of the king for his unruly acts. What word describes what the people want to do to the king?
a) distract b) denounce c) distort d) disperse
The old, abandoned buildings were bulldozed three weeks ago. What word describes what happened to the building?
a) decrepit b) demolished c) disperse d) deplete
The criminals have committed some terrible acts. So bad that no one wants to even say that they know them. What word describes the acts of the criminals?
a) denounce b) disperse c) decrepit d) despicable
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