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The first step in the engineering process is....
a) test it b) define the problem c) ask questions d) find a solution
Who invented the telephone
a) Hamilton Bell b) Alexander Graham Bell c) Henry Ford d) Henry Bell
Generally is applied to an artifact to take it to the next level
a) technology b) ergonomics c) invention d) constraint
Which of the following is an example of technology
a) television b) computer c) tennis shoe d) all of the above
True or False: Engineers get their designs correct the first time around.
a) True b) False c) d)
A system of moral principles
a) Christian b) culture c) enviornment d) ethics
A type of Engineer would be
a) civil b) electical c) materials d) all of the above
True or False: Most of us have engineered something at one time or another during our lifetime?
a) True b) False c) d)
Money, Building, Materials, and supplies are all examples of....
a) candy b) criteria c) capital d) civil engineering
a substance composed of two or more metals, or of a metal ot metals with a nonmetal, intimately mixed as by fusion or electrodeposition is called
a) mounting b) welding c) smelting d) alloy
To fuse or melt in order to seperate the metal contained means.....
a) ethics b) alloy c) smelting d) ergonomics
Pragmatic means
a) practical point of view for practical considerations b) behaviors and beliefs of characteristic of a particular social, ethic and or age group c) a standard of judgement or critism d) a system of moral principles
limitaion or restrictions that engineers face can be reffered to as...
a) constraints b) constant c) combination d) capital
An object made by human beings that is produced and shaped by human craft is called...
a) artifact b) chemical c) cycle d) invention
What does the word iterative mean?
a) science b) cycle c) standards d) start over
How many steps are in the Engineering Process?
a) 9 b) 5 c) 8 d) 7
What is a model of an engineered design?
a) steps it took to create it b) operation c) brainstorming d) prototype
What is the difference between invention and innovation
a) invention is something created for the first time, innovaiton is an improvement of an artifact b) invention is an improvement of an artifact, innovation is a new creation c) d)
The art of managing engines, in its modern and extended sense, the art and science by which mechanical properties matter are made useful to man in structures and machines is also known as...
a) Electricity b) Ethics c) Ergonomics d) Engineering
Knowledge of prociples and causes, especiall such as knowledge when it relates to the physical world and its phenomena is also reffered to as...
a) Physics b) Technnology c) Science d) Engineering
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