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A disturbance that transfers energy from place to place.
a) wave b) medium c) compression d) frequency
A material through which a wave travels
a) medium b) small c) large d) wave
Type of wave that does not need a medium to travel through.
a) electromagnetic (light) b) mechanical (sound, earthquake) c) surface d) compressional
When frequency increases, the wavelength...
a) decreases b) increases c) stays the same d) disappears
The height of a wave from the resting point.
a) amplitude b) frequency c) wavelength d) crest
The distance between two waves.
a) wavelength b) frequency c) crest d) trough
The number of waves passing a point each second.
a) frequency b) amplitude c) crest d) trough
The highest point on a wave.
a) crest b) trough c) frequency d) wavelength
The lowest point on a wave.
a) trough b) crest c) wavelength d) frequency
As frequency and/or amplitude get higher, the energy of a wave gets...
a) higher b) lower c) stays the same d) a vacation
The part of the electromagnetic spectrum we can see is called...
a) visible b) ultraviolet c) microwave d) gamma
The electromagnetic wave with the highest frequency is...
a) gamma b) radio c) infrared d) x-ray
When a wave hits a barrier and bounces off it is called...
a) reflection b) refraction c) diffraction d) rarefaction
When a wave hits the boundary between mediums and bends because of a change in speed, it is called...
a) refraction b) reflection c) diffraction d) rarefaction
When a wave bends around an obstacle, it is called...
a) diffraction b) reflection c) refraction d) rarefaction
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