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How did Chandragupta die?
a) starvation b) poison c) bee sting d) heart attack
Chandragupta had how many war elephants?
a) 7000 b) 8000 c) 9000 d) 10,000
Which king was extremely war like?
a) Edward b) Tut c) Asoka d) Chandragupta
The group that conquered the Aryans
a) Mesopotamians b) Spartans c) Mauryans d) Egyptians
This group started the caste system in Ancient India
a) Egyptians b) Aryans c) Mauryans d) Mesopotamians
The Aryans made their tools and weapons from
a) iron b) stone c) wood d) straw
What was the first group that invaded the Indus River Valley?
a) Mauryans b) Mesopotamians c) Aryans d) Egyptians
What was one building in the citadel at Mohenjo-Daro?
a) b) grocery store c) movie theatre d) bath house
Ancient India developed these to help with getting crops the water they needed.
a) sewer system b) tractors c) irrigation system d)
The monsoon winds coming from the north bring
a) dry air b) much needed but sometimes heavy rains c) d)
The monsoon winds coming from the Indian Ocean bring
a) dry air b) much needed but sometimes heavy rains c) d)
What were the high winds that impacted the climate in ancient India?
a) monsoons b) tornadoes c) hurricanes d) cyclones
What created natural borders in Eastern/Western/Southern India?
a) Himalayans b) Hindu Kush c) water ways d) desert
What created natural borders in Northern India?
a) Himalayan and Hindu Kush Mountains b) Bay or Bengal c) Arabian Sea d) Indian Ocean
The Indus Valley Civilization is what modern day country/countries?
a) Saudi Arabi b) Russia c) United States of America d) Pakistan and India
What was the largest city in the Indus River Valley?
a) Harappa b) Mohenjo-Daro c) Lothal d) Columbus
Which king believed in peace and humanity?
a) Chandragupta b) Asoka c) Tut d) Edward
What king grew India because of how he cared deeply for his people?
a) Edward b) Tut c) Chandragupta d) Asoka
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