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an unexpected meeting
a) indicated b) encounter c) sheer d) emphasis
use special force or stress when saying a particular word or syllable
a) emphasis b) sheer c) generations d) debris
to show a sign; to point something
a) emphasis b) sheer c) indicated d) encounter
a person who specializes in the study of things in nature, especially animals and plants
a) generations b) naturalist c) debris d) emphasis
very unusual and impressive
a) sheer b) encounter c) indicated d) spectacular
a group of people who have a common family ancestor
a) emphasis b) generations c) debris d) naturalist
the scattered remains of something
a) naturalist b) sheer c) debris d) emphasis
a) encounter b) debris c) sheer d) emphasis
Which word has the OPPOSITE meaning of the word encounter?
a) avoidance b) emergency c) entrance d) possibility
Which word has the OPPOSITE meaning of the word spectacular?
a) magnificent b) odd c) ordinary d) uncommon
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